For those with something to protect

Protecting your valuables with security & convenience

The smart alternative to traditional safety deposit boxes

Enjoy 24-hour access & state-of-the-art security features

Protecting your valuables with security & convenience

The smart alternative to traditional safety deposit boxes

For those with something to protect

Enjoy 24-hour access & state-of-the-art security features


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Nova Vaults strives to make our facilities convenient and easy to access. We ensure onsite parking is close to our front doors so you can hop out of your car and be inside our secure facility within seconds.

By request, knowledgeable staff will provide a tour of our facility, show you how our automated vault works, answer any questions you may have and set you up with your own safety deposit box.


Once you register for a safety deposit box, you can access the facility whenever you want. We do not allow unregistered guests inside the facility unless they are with a client or when staff is present.


Our Security features include but are not limited to:

No access for staff

The employees supervising the facilities do not have access to the vault. The only time the vault is opened is by a bonded service technician from the manufacturer. Servicing is done when the store is locked down and under supervision of armed guards. Once registered, only the owner of the box can recall it from the vault.

State of the art vault

Developed and made by Gunnebo, the world’s largest vault manufacturer, the rows of safety deposit boxes in Nova Vaults are enclosed in an impenetrable block of reinforced concrete four times harder than construction-grade cement. The vault is locked at all times.

Embedded alarm circuitry

Nova Vaults’ vaults are superior to traditional bank vaults in every way. Embedded in the concrete walls of each vault is a mesh circuit, when if broken, triggers an alarm.


Continuous close circuit surveillance of the perimeter and 24-hour video surveillance inside the facilities provides an additional layer of security. The video surveillance is monitored by an offsite security firm, ensuring there is always someone there to verify your safety.

The safe room

The safe room in our vault is locked at all times. Only one client at a time has access to the safe room, and each client can only access one box at a time.

Photographic Transaction Record

Every time a transaction is completed, a hidden camera records an image of the client’s face, not what they put in their box. This security feature provides a photographic transaction history of everyone who has ever accessed each box.

Silent alarm

Should a client finds themselves in an uncomfortable situation, they are able to trigger a silent alarm with a variation of their pin code.

Quadruple layer identity verification

After registering with Nova Vaults, you and only you will have access to your safety deposit box. To access your assigned box, you must confirm your identification through a quadruple set of security procedures. You must first use a Vault Card to enter the safe room and input your personal pin code. Your fingerprint is then confirmed by a biometric scanner, after which you can open your box with your unique key and key code. The average total transaction only takes 3.5 minutes, comparable to that of an ATM.

Backup power

In the event of a power outage, Nova Vaults provides backup power. All security systems are equipped with a backup power supply, as is the vault itself. There is enough power on reserve for your box to be safely wheeled back into the vault and for you to exit the facility.

Privacy and security policy

In addition to our extensive measures to ensure safety and security, your privacy is also guaranteed. A front door reinforced with steel with a card reader for after-hours access is the only way into the building. The windows are shatterproof. The safe room admits only one customer at a time. After entering the safe room the glass in the door will turn from clear to opaque assuring a discrete transaction.

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For those with something to protect
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